Sewer Line Bellies

Your home plumbing system backing up can be anything from inconvenient to a nightmare. Sometimes, all you have is a simple clog and it takes no time to clear up. There are times, however, when simple drain clearing does not do the trick. You might have anything from tree roots to bellies in your line. Often, your plumber will need to perform a camera inspection to find the issue. They will then make their best recommendation on how to fix it.

One problem that can cause a serious backup issue is what is called a “sewer line belly”. A belly is essentially a sag or low area in your pipe. So, these can end up holding water after the flow has stopped. Bellies can create a problem because debris will collect in these sags and cause a blockage. They will usually occur at the fitting, as opposed to a bend. This is because the cast iron would require immense pressure to bend, which is not common. Geological events usually cause these bellies. So, this includes soil erosion, foundation settlement, or earthquakes. Occasionally, they are caused by human error. Poor soil compaction or installation can be the cause.

The only way to correct issues caused by the sewer line belly is to replace the damaged section. This will restore proper slope to your system and get things flowing properly again. If your plumber has performed a camera inspection and determines that bellies are your issue, ask him for a repair estimate. Companies will usually provide this estimate to you at no additional fee. Don’t delay in repairing them. If you do, your system will continue to have the same issues.

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Brad Jordan

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