We do a lot of home maintenance for the winter season. However, many homeowners don’t think much about their sewer lines during this time. And some think sewer line replacement can only be done during the warmer months. While freezing temperatures, frozen ground and, in colder climates, deeper sewer lines can present challenges, sewer contractors provide replacement and installation services year-round.

Sewer Line Replacement Is an Option in Winter

In fact, the quality of service and cost are the same as if the job were done during the summer. One minor difference is the countersinking of steel plates. Ensuring they’re flush with the pavement avoids a situation when a snowplow could move them. Other than that, you might just encounter plumbers and road crews who would prefer to be out there in warmer temperatures. But oftentimes there’s no choice because a sewer pipe fails, and the only solution is to replace it right away.

Reasons to Replace Your Sewer Line Before Winter

There are some good reasons to schedule sewer line maintenance prior to the colder months. Doing so allows a technician to:

  • Find problems that can worsen as the ground freezes and thaws repeatedly, such as frozen or burst pipes.
  • Identify and fix leaks that will only get worse as temperature fluctuations cause pipes to expand and contract along with any cracks.
  • Check home fixtures such as your garbage disposal, to avoid issues with clogs and other issues during the holidays and beyond.

Sewer line replacement in winter, like any other time, requires being without wastewater operations at home until the work is complete (you won’t have these anyway if your sewer line fails). Digging a trench yourself could come with complications, especially if the ground is frozen, but a contractor’s earth-moving equipment should have no problem. Your sewer line will be quickly restored and get through the rest of the winter just fine.

Access to the Sewer Line

At Express Plumbing Heating & Air, we implement a thorough plan when repairing or replacing a sewer line. Our licensed technicians are skilled in excavation, making the necessary repairs, and filling the trench and installing concrete and asphalt. Depending on your property and climate, the sewer line may be as little as 18 inches deep or as much as 6 feet below the surface (public sewer mains are at least 12 feet deep). Pipe depth isn’t only related to climate; the location of sewer mains can determine where the pipe serving your home is.

Other Considerations

Our teams follow all Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines. These include installing trench shields to prevent the walls of a trench from caving in, for operations that require digging at least 5 feet or more. Local regulations will be followed as well. We do not recommend homeowners do their own digging, as encountering denser or looser soil can make matters difficult, as can clay and large tree roots. The location of utility lines, permit requirements, and the exact nature of the sewer line problem are factors to consider as well.

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We provide excavation services and sewer line replacement throughout the Boise area. A family owned and operated, full-service plumbing company, we use the latest equipment and technology and are available 24/7. And we strive to maintain a positive working relationship between you, our crews, and our project manager. If you’re having a sewer line issue, we’ll evaluate the situation and find the best solution for your property. To schedule a visit, contact us online or call (208) 398-0309 today.

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