When you need a trusted plumber in Boise, ID, who do you call? At Express Plumbing Heating & Air, we know that your home is more than just a significant financial commitment, and our plumbing services are designed with that in mind. Your home is where you relax, keep all of your most important keepsakes, and build memories with friends and family. Keeping your home safe and in good repair starts with ensuring all major systems work as intended. Your home’s plumbing is a major component of it’s overall health and quality. Whether its the taste and smell of your water, or where it flows through, it needs to be kept in shape.

Our plumbers provide quick, reliable, and expert service to residents in Boise. Our Boise plumbers are truly experts at what they do, and will get your home’s plumbing back in shape in no time at all. Do you have leaks? Need help with drains? Is your water pressure low? Maybe your toilets aren’t flushing or refilling? We can fix that. Even if you’re just looking to upgrade your fixtures, we’re the team to call.

Whether you have a slow-running drain or you’re planning a significant home renovation complete with new bathroom fixtures, our licensed plumbers are ready and waiting to help, often within an hour of your call. Our plumbing company has an average response time of under an hour in Treasure Valley, and we can be onsite for emergencies in 30 minutes or less, in some cases. Fast and reliable service is our focus. To meet your needs, we have several locations and route service calls to the nearest available plumber.