Ultraviolet light is a highly efficient disinfectant. At Express Plumbing Heating & Air we offer UV air purification products that can kill bacteria, viruses, mold spores, and bugs plus extend the life of your A/C system; call us today to learn more.

UV Air Quality Products and Purifiers in Boise

Tightly sealed building envelopes help improve efficiency, but they don’t contribute to fresh air. A major downside is a potential for germs, mold, and fungus to build up. Fortunately, unwanted organic matter and other contaminants can be dealt with in an effective way, with our UV air quality products. These provide a chemical-free, energy-efficient, cost-effective solution to address indoor air quality issues.

Our UV germicidal lamps are designed to run continuously and are installed inside your HVAC system ductwork. A UV-C light exposes organic pathogens to ultraviolet light that destroys their DNA. This UV-C radiation works in seconds. While using the same light wavelength that causes sunburns, UV air purification systems can be used safely if you don’t look directly at the light or expose your skin directly to it. The professionals at Express Plumbing Heating & Air are skilled at germicidal UV light installation and take all necessary safety precautions, so you can enjoy all the benefits of an advanced air purification solution.