Trees beautify the neighborhood and provide shade and comfort to your home. However, their roots often pose a threat to sewer lines and plumbing systems. Recurring plumbing clogs are a sign tree roots have invaded sewage and drainage pipes. Fortunately, you can trust Express Plumbing Heating & Air for professional tree root removal service in Boise. Our team is trained and equipped to deal with the immediate problem and prevent future issues.

Understanding Tree Root Intrusion

Tree root intrusion is hidden below ground and out of sight. Therefore, it is hard to know it’s there and many homeowners don’t realize it until they have a major problem. But here’s a closer look at this issue if you’re not familiar with it:

What Causes Tree Roots to Invade Plumbing Systems? 

Tree roots are naturally attracted to sources of moisture and nutrients, which are often leaky sewer pipes. The smallest hole, break, or crack can allow enough water to escape into the soil for the roots to detect it. Once they do, they’ll move slowly over time toward, around, and into the pipe and continue growing once inside.