Water Leak Detection & Repair Services in Boise

Many times, water leaks start out small and are not as obvious as you might think. But any leak will get worse if not fixed, and can cause a substantial amount of damage. We offer leak detection and repair services if you suspect there may be a leak. Low water pressure, running water sounds, wet spots, visible water stains, and a musty smell are some signs of hidden leaks. You may even have an unexplained high water bill. Left unchecked, a water leak can lead to mold; water damage to furnishings, flooring, and building materials; and even structural failures.

Fortunately, we offer non-invasive methods for finding leaks. Without breaking up walls or digging up the ground, we can find exactly where in your plumbing the problem is. State-of-the-art audio equipment is used to listen for leaks in plumbing systems; the smallest of leaks can be identified by listening for specific audio frequencies. Using a pressure test, we use air to note increases or decreases in water pressure while tracking the locations of pressure changes within pipes. Non-invasive methods are used to pinpoint where gas leaks are as well.