Piping and Repiping Services in Boise

Express Plumbing Heating & Air is a company you can trust for pipe installation and replacement. Many plumbing system problems originate from your piping and can manifest in various ways. While high-quality products can last 50 years or more (sometimes up to 100 years), low-quality piping is likely to give out sooner. You may consider whole-home repiping if your house is old; and, if something is continuously clogging drains, pipe replacement may be the best option.

Our plumbers are certified, trained, and experienced to provide any type of piping service. No matter how big or small the issue, we can address it safely and avoid the potentially costly mistakes that attempting such jobs yourself can lead to. We install various kinds of pipe to meet all your plumbing needs and resolve a wide range of plumbing issues that damaged, corroded, or improperly installed pipe can trigger. Moreover, in addition to financing, our Express VIP Club provides comprehensive coverage that saves you on repairs and installation.