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Looking to buy a home? Time to make decisions. One, if you would like a one-level or multiple-level home. Would like a fireplace, and if you would like to live in a neighborhood with either a sewer system or septic system. When you’re looking to buy a home, you don’t necessarily get to find a house then decide if you would like to be on city sewer or have your own septic tank. However, it’s something to take into consideration, such as; cost, maintenance, and what will profit you in the long run.

In the city, you don’t have to do anything when it comes to maintenance or dealing with wastewater directly. When dealing with a sewer system the waste travels through sewer lines which carry it to a treatment facility. At this treatment facility it removes contaminants then discharges the water back into local water supplies. Depending on the location the cost can vary. Some areas separate the cost of water and sewage while others combine them in a monthly bill.

The good news, if something does go wrong. Your local municipality is responsible for the public sewer system, as well as being convenient for the homeowner.

When dealing with a septic system it is a little different. Instead of the waste leaving the property, it goes into a holding tank underground. Then while in the tank the bacteria break down the solid waste and liquid. Effluent is then released into the drain field. There is no cost when having a septic tank unless you would need to install a new one. There usually are two different types of septic tanks there are steel ones and concrete ones. The steel ones usually last somewhere between 10-20 years. The concrete ones can sometimes last up to 40 years.

Pump your tank about every 4 years. The cost can range between $180 – $300 depending on who you go through, and again that’s only every few years. Another perk that people enjoy is that they are in control of their own system and it has fewer ongoing problems.

Brad Jordan

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