There are many reasons to hire a professional for furnace repair in Boise, ID. An HVAC contractor can quickly diagnose the problem and determine the best way to fix it. Attempting to troubleshoot or repair a furnace yourself can be tricky, if not dangerous. To ensure your heating system is once again reliable and safe, contact a local furnace repair company if:

The Unit Won’t Turn On

If resetting the thermostat or a circuit breaker doesn’t get the system running again, call for help. This can indicate the unit is overheating and a sensor keeps shutting it down. A problem with a gas or electrical connection or the ignitor can prevent it from running. These can lead to more serious hazards, so have a professional come in and inspect your furnace.

The Furnace Fan Runs Constantly

A furnace that never shuts off should also be checked out. If the fan is always blowing and the thermostat is set to “Auto” mode, the fan switch or the thermostat may have faulty wiring. Call for help if switching the thermostat back to “Auto” or resetting the limit switch doesn’t get the fan to cycle on and off normally.

There’s Not Enough Heat

Your furnace is designed to produce heat. If the HVAC vents are blowing cool air instead, some rooms are too cold, or the heater takes longer between cycles, you may need furnace repair in Boise, ID. The damage can be hard to spot. However, a professional has the tools and experience to find it quickly and get your heater working again.

Your Furnace Is Extremely Noisy

You can expect your heater to make some noise now and then. Call a heating specialist if the following noises become louder, more frequent, or repetitive:

  • Grinding: Motor bearings that aren’t lubricated can increase friction and cause motor damage, which is often the cause of grinding sounds from a furnace.
  • Popping: Popping noises aren’t the most concerning, but if they become more frequent, cracks may be forming in the heat exchanger, which can leak carbon monoxide.
  • Rumbling: Once a cycle is complete, the furnace shouldn’t make noise. A rumbling sound means fuel is continuing to burn; this can cause a fire if not resolved.
  • Thumping: A loose motor or blower wheel can cause a repetitive thumping sound. If the problem isn’t fixed, additional mechanical damage will occur.
  • Rattling: This can also indicate a problem with the blower wheel or that something else in the unit has come loose, which can lead to vibration damage.

Rotten Egg, Metallic, or Chemical Odors 

You may smell burning dust when first starting up the furnace. The odor should go away, but call for help if it persists. A rotten egg odor is a sign of a gas leak, caused by a compound added by gas companies, and means you need prompt gas furnace repair. If you notice a metallic scent, internal components may be getting too hot, while a chemical or formaldehyde odor can mean the heat exchanger is cracked. Call for help before an explosion or carbon monoxide exposure occurs.

The Thermostat Stops Working

If your furnace doesn’t respond to the thermostat or the thermostat’s display doesn’t work, it may have a bad connection or faulty wiring. A contractor may need to repair or replace the thermostat. This can provide the opportunity to install a smart thermostat or add zoning capabilities to the system.

You Need to Keep Igniting the Burner Manually

If you have an older furnace with a pilot light, it may sometimes need to be relit. This shouldn’t happen often, or it can reduce heating performance and increase your utility bill. When there’s a pilot light issue, check for a draft or a dirty burner. It’s best to hire a furnace repair service company to check for issues because this is a safety hazard. Preventative maintenance can help avoid pilot problems with your furnace.

The Pilot Flame Is Yellow or Flickering

The furnace flame should always be blue. If it appears yellow or begins to flicker, there could be a combustion issue or air in the gas line. This is also a sign carbon monoxide is being produced and that gas and oxygen aren’t mixing properly. Turn off the burners and call for help. Don’t ignore the problem because it can lead to a disaster.

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