Not all furnace/heater issues present themselves dramatically; there can be subtle signs you should call a heating repair service in Boise, ID. Ignoring or failing to detect an equipment problem can lead to costly major repairs. Your furnace may even stop providing heat or need to be replaced prematurely. Neglected heating equipment also leads to many home fires, fatalities, and injuries each year. Therefore, it’s crucial to recognize these signs of trouble, as subtle as they may seem:

Your Heating Bill Is Higher Than Expected

People often don’t associate a higher utility bill with a furnace problem, especially if they’re still getting heat. Fuel prices fluctuate and electric companies raise their rates at times (there are also seasonal variations in energy costs). If the increase in your monthly bill doesn’t reflect the usual seasonal spikes in electricity costs or the current pricing of oil, natural gas, or propane, have your heating system checked by a professional. It may be a subtle sign of a problem that warrants a minor repair or at least a tune-up.

Uneven Heating Throughout Your Home

Your furnace should heat every room the same. Don’t ignore the problem if some rooms are cooler and others are warmer. It’s easy to attribute this to the outdoor temperature or a draft. But it can mean your heater is starting to malfunction, the thermostat isn’t communicating with it effectively, or there’s a ductwork leak, blockage, or other problem. Also, look for ice on the roof, which can mean your heater isn’t working right. Regardless, uneven heating can eventually lead to your furnace blowing only cold air.

Reduced Airflow from HVAC Vents

The amount of airflow from vents is something you should pay attention to. Small decreases in airflow can indicate a problem with the blower motor or fan. A clogged filter or duct can also affect airflow. Whatever is causing the issue may also trigger electrical problems that can put your entire household at risk. When this happens, call a heating repair service in Boise, ID, ASAP.

Unusual Sounds

Furnaces produce noise as they run. You should be used to what your heating system sounds like. However, a developing problem isn’t always loud and dramatic. It can manifest as a low but noticeable rumbling, rattling, or popping from inside the unit. The sounds can escalate to loud banging, squealing, or grinding, but don’t wait for this to happen. 

Noise can be caused by issues as minor as debris build-up or a component that needs to be tightened. No matter how minute they are, unusual noises can precede a component failure or complete breakdown.

Strange Odors

The smell of gas, rotten eggs, or chemicals is a sure sign to call for help. Sometimes, the odor can be more subtle. It may be a musty smell that’s not too intense. You may not be able to tell where it’s coming from. But it can mean something is wrong inside your furnace or the unit isn’t working as effectively, which can lead to moisture issues (wherever there’s moisture or condensation, mold can grow).

The Furnace or Vents Are Dusty

In most homes, dust is a fact of life. However, an increase in the amount and how quickly it accumulates after you clean matters. More dust around vents or near the furnace can mean the air filter is clogged or dirt has built up in the duct system. The issue can continue to decrease air quality and cause further problems with furnace performance and efficiency. Hire a professional before it gets out of hand and causes major damage.

The Heating System Doesn’t Stay On Long Enough

Don’t assume your furnace doesn’t need to run as long. It should run in predictable cycles regardless of the outside temperature and the thermostat setting (unless it’s an extremely colder day than usual). Call a heating repair service in Boise, ID, if the unit won’t stay on or there’s a lag when you turn it on manually. It could be a sign of faulty wiring, which can cause a fire.

Your or a Family Member Doesn’t Feel Well

Frequent symptoms of illness don’t necessarily mean a bug is going around. If people in your home often experience headaches, dizziness, nausea, achiness, or disorientation, there may be a gas or carbon monoxide leak. A carbon monoxide detector is a must, as it can immediately alert you of a problem. But don’t ignore the symptoms. Open the windows, leave your home, and call a professional to inspect your heating unit.

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