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What is a Toilet Spud?

In Idaho, you would think we would know all about spuds. But what the heck is a toilet spud? It is probably not a term you hear often. In fact, you may not hear about them at all until you need one replaced. It is just one of the many little pieces that keep your toilet in working order. But what does it do?

So, in reality, the spud is not really a “little” piece. It is actually about the size of a small teacup! It is around a cylindrical gasket that has a flat edge on one end and a beveled edge on the other. These can be made completely of rubber. Sometimes, they are made of brass, copper, and rubber together. Some spuds have an internal bevel running along the lip, where others have an edge that is beveled into a cone shape. Almost all spuds are threaded at one end to screw directly into the toilet.

The spud washer can be found installed between the seat and the tank. It actually functions as part of the connection between the two parts of your toilet. You can find the spud by removing the tank. To do this, you unscrew the two screws on the bottom of the tank and lift the tank off the seat. You should now see the spud gasket sitting on the back part of the seat.

The spud’s primary function is to create a seal. So, this seal holds the water in the tank. The place it fits on the base is where the tank drains into the bowl. It is supposed to be a water-tight solution for connecting the tank and seat portion together while also allowing a passageway from the tank to the bowl.

When you notice your toilet leaking onto the floor, the spud could be the culprit. If the spud is worn out or at fault, the water-tight nature may be ruined. This will cause water to leak through the rubber seal on the floor. If you are comfortable with pulling the toilet apart and fixing this yourself, you will just need to pull off the tank and replace the spud. Otherwise, call Express Plumbing Heating & Air and we will get it replaced for you in no time.

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