Several signs can mean it’s time to install a new toilet. People don’t often talk about it, but replacing one that’s no longer functional can avoid lots of trouble. Installing a toilet can be simpler for a plumber than trying to fix one, as a toilet has lots of moving parts that must fit together perfectly. If you’re facing yet another repair call, here are a few reasons to consider having a new toilet installed in your Boise, ID, home.

Aging Toilet

It’s not uncommon for toilets to last 25 years or more. Most tend to work okay even in their later years. However, an older unit will start to work less efficiently at some point. Also, consider more recent regulations. Starting in 1994, the federal government required a reduction from 3.5 to 5 gallons per flush to 1.6 gallons. Therefore, your older toilet may be using much more water than necessary.

Frequent Repairs

Every time you call a plumber, you’ll spend money that can go toward a replacement. On average, it costs about $240 to repair a toilet, according to Angi, and about $370 to replace one.1 Even two visits from a technician mean you’re losing money, assuming the problem is isolated to a faulty toilet or just one part (toilets have many parts; the cost of replacing one at a time will add up). Additional plumbing issues, if there are any, will cost extra to fix.

Constant Clogs

Just about everyone deals with a toilet clog at some point. However, if you use a plunger every time you flush, it may be time to install a new toilet. Older units are more prone to clogging anyway. Replacing one is also an opportunity for a plumber to check for clogged pipes. If you often need to unclog a toilet or require more than one flush each time, consider having a new one installed.

The Toilet Won’t Flush

If you can’t flush the toilet, and plunging it or jiggling the handle won’t fix the problem, the fixture has completely malfunctioned. Unless the handle and flapper are disconnected (which can be easily fixed), get a new toilet.

Running Toilet

If replacing the flapper or fill valve doesn’t stop the unit from running, there are probably multiple serious problems resulting in your toilet leaking on the inside. To most people, the sound of a running toilet is annoying. The problem can also waste a lot of water and can lead to a spike in your water bill. Replace the toilet if it never stops running or does so again soon after a minor repair.

Cracked Toilet

After several years, cracks may form on the toilet. Those on the upper part of the tank or the edge of the seat aren’t a concern. However, if other parts of the toilet are cracked, a leak can soon follow, especially if there are cracks at the bottom of the fixture or lower down on the tank. It’s best to replace the unit as cracks often occur again, even after patching up existing ones. 

Wobbly Toilet

A toilet that moves when you sit on it can be a safety hazard. The entire unit may be unstable if tightening screws doesn’t resolve the problem. A plumber can help secure the toilet, replace it, or determine if deteriorating floor materials are causing it to move. In this case, both the toilet and your bathroom floor may need to be replaced.

Minerals Have Built Up in the Toilet

Significant mineral buildup in the toilet or its pipes can cause clogs and reduce water efficiency. A plumber can sometimes remove the deposits. However, excessive mineral scaling often requires replacing the toilet. Also, a plumber can advise you on whether to install a water softener.

Can I Install a New Toilet Myself?

Installing a toilet requires several steps, techniques, and tools. A toilet can also be rather heavy. An experienced, well-equipped DIYer may be able to pull it off, but toilet installation is more complex than people often realize. Seating the toilet properly, securing it to the drain hole, and preventing leaks are important considerations. Older pipes may also need to be replaced. Any mistakes can lead to leaks, flooding, or issues with slow flushing or a toilet’s balance. We recommend hiring a professional plumber to install a toilet.

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