If you are a mom you know what it is like to be out shopping with your kids when all of a sudden nature calls. Sometimes finding a bathroom can be challenging and time-consuming. Recently, locating clean public restrooms has become much easier thanks to the latest technology known as apps. Download one or more of these toilet apps into your smartphone in order to give you peace of mind when you are on the go.

Flush: With this app, you can search for a location as well as a on a map to see the nearest public restrooms available to you. Some features include a database of over 200,000 toilets available constantly being increased. Direction buttons to get you there quickly. This app works offline with no internet connection to find your place to go.

Toilet Finder: This free app is created by BeTomorrow. You can locate all the facilities around you in a quick glance. It includes more than 150,000 toilet facilities.

Sit of Squat: This free bathroom locator app allows you to view public restrooms near your location by showing it on a map or list. This app was made from Charmin toilet paper and is available for Android and Apple phones.

Where to Wee: This is available for Android and Apple devices. In addition to where restrooms are located, it also rates the cleanliness of the restrooms using various commode icons. You can even follow this app via Twitter.

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