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Washing machine hoses: that python-like length of rubber or metal that attaches your washer to your water source. Did you know they are one of the most neglected and potentially damaging maintenance monsters in your home? Taking time to check your washer’s hoses regularly could save you money and misery in the future.

Are your furnishings, floor coverings, and heirloom keepsakes worth more than $20? Washing machine hoses cost $10-20. This is a small investment compared to the expensive damage, inconvenient mess, and loss of irreplaceable treasures that can occur when your washer’s hoses burst or leak.

Washing machine hoses are under constant pressure when the water supply is on, not just on laundry day. Washing machine-related failure and flooding is one of the top 10 causes of home water damage. More than half of those catastrophes are caused by hose failures. To reduce the risk of your hoses failing, inspect them regularly for cracks, blisters, wear, or other damage. Consider turning the water supply off when you will be away from home for several days. Express Plumbing Heating & Air recommends replacing hoses every 5 years even if there are no obvious signs of wear. Since damage can begin internally and leave no clues until the hose actually splits or bursts. Give Express Plumbing Heating & Air a call for advice or assistance. We’re always here to help.

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