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In the plumbing industry, the day after any holiday seems to be a busy one. So the day after Thanksgiving is one of the busiest days of the year! This year, be proactive about your home plumbing’s health. Follow these tips to keep your system from overheating or falling into one of the famous “turkey comas”!

The two biggest culprits in your home will be your kitchen and your bathroom. In the kitchen, you as the host are trying to keep everybody well-fed and happy. Unfortunately, many times you’re feeding your garbage disposal too well. Put the turkey, chicken, and sweet potato scraps aside for Fido. Never, ever pour your cooking grease into the disposal. Don’t fill the disposal all the way before turning it on. To help make sure no stringy or starchy foods are going down without your notice, use a sink strainer.

Your bathroom is going to run into a similar set of problems. Make sure that the only thing going down is human waste and toilet paper. With so many extra people about, this may be difficult. Some people choose to put up a sign or clever poem on the wall to remind people to respect their pipes! Also, request that parents of small children keep an eye on them. Toddlers seem to take it as a personal challenge on how many things they can flush!

Another good rule of thumb is to take care of any ongoing issues before the holiday is in full swing. If you know that the kitchen sink has been draining slowly or there is a funny smell coming from your shower drain, don’t wait! Get someone in to have it taken care of before you have five or six cousins tinkering with your pipes. Holidays are for relaxing and spending time together, not the time for Uncle Joe to be a DIY expert!

Even with all of the precautions taken, accidents do happen. Keep Express Plumbing Heating & Air on your speed dial in case an emergency arises! Call us any time at. We wish you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Brad Jordan

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