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How Does Hydro Jetting Work?

Hydro jetting is pressurized water that is blasted through a drain to unclog and clean the line. It is a high-pressure hose with specialized nozzles that project a powerful stream on water. This is especially good because it will take care of any blockage you have: sediment, grease, hair, mineral build-up, tree roots, and debris. The beauty of hydro jetting is that it can clear almost any clog! However, it should be done by a professional plumber so that you’re less likely to get damaged to your plumbing.


Hydro jetting can break up and flush out deposits that are blocking your sewer line. Since the hydro jetter has a high-power water pressure it can clear the toughest blockages. Not only does it clear the clog but it cleans your line! After a while grease, silt, fats, soaps, detergents, dirt, minerals, and other debris can lead to sewer clogs in the future. If this build isn’t cleared then it will create future problems and more expensive solutions.

Another benefit to hydro jetting is the fact that it can clean underground lines without having to expose them. It can be time-consuming and costly when you have damaged pipes that need to be exposed to repair. That’s why catching a clog when it is early is the key to less expensive and longer-lasting plumbing. A great thing about hydro jetting that is it can clear underground lines with accuracy meaning, it is more efficient than many other drain cleaning methods.

Wait There is More!

There are health benefits to hydro jetting your lines! One of the most dangerous predators in your home is the dreadful bacteria build-up. Bacteria, unfortunately, prosper in a wet environment and that’s exactly what your plumbing provides. The perfect breeding grounds. Luckily though, hydro jetting can help address that issue and leave your drain pipes clean and fresh. Making it so you don’t have bacteria in them and so that they no longer smell.

Call a Professional

It is highly important you call a professional to take care of your drain cleaning. This is because they have the right equipment to first evaluate your problem and then to fix it. If your plumber doesn’t camera the line before jetting it that is a red flag! Make sure they know what they are doing before they are charging you for a job done half-fast.

Express Plumbing Heating & Air has two trailer jetters to clear those large lines and big clogs 24/7. Not only that, we have smaller jetters to clear the drains in your home. Please give us a call at 208-941-8718 or visit our website to get scheduled. Express Plumbing Heating & Air is a BBB +A-rated company. We’re here to give you an expert opinion and not a sales pitch. So, you’ll have options on how to fix those little leaks or those big leaks that have turned into a disaster. Call Express Plumbing Heating & Air today to get your plumbing problems fixed.

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