Purchasing a new home can be exciting. So exciting that most people don’t usually consider the actual cost of owning and maintaining a home until after they start moving in. From leaky pipes to roof repair, you will find yourself searching for the best value services, or learning to do repairs yourself. Without hiring a professional plumber, plumbing issues can be easy to miss, because you don’t know what you’re looking for. Out of sight, out of mind! One of the most common, and yet most difficult to detect, problems is corrosion.

The most common piping material in homes today is copper. There are two common types of corrosion that can affect copper piping. Formicary corrosion is caused by formaldehyde particles eating microscopic holes through the copper. This makes it easier for leaks and ruptures to occur as it eats away the pipe. When chlorine particles interact with the copper, pitted corrosion occurs. These can cause tiny, nearly impossible to detect “pinhole leaks”. Widespread damage usually occurs before these leaks are even found. Regularly scheduled maintenance for your plumbing system by a licensed plumbing contractor is virtually the only way to find these.

At least once per year, it is a good idea to schedule maintenance. Think of it as your home’s “plumbing check-up”. Plumbers can help you avoid major issues before they start because they can detect minor problems early on. Paying to fix a minor problem now could save you hundreds to thousands in the future! Your plumbing system (and your checkbook) will thank you!

Brad Jordan

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