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Every homeowner may experience a clog in their mainline. So the best way to clear a mainline clog is from your plumbing cleanout. A cleanout is a short pipe located in your yard. It features a closed cap to prevent anything from getting into or out of the system. Its main function is to provide access to your main drainage pipes. So that they can be freed from clogs. The cleanout is also where professionals insert a plumbing camera to inspect the interior of the plumbing system.

A cleanout can also sometimes stop a system from bursting or overflowing into your home due to a major clog down at the main sewer line. The pressure of the buildup in the pipe will want to go up and out of the first pipe it encounters. So if you have a cleanout near the street in your front yard, the backed-up sewage can come out of there. This will alert you of the problem, it comes flowing back out of your sinks or toilets.

Call Express Plumbing Heating & Air today. We can inspect your property to determine the best possible locations to install a cleanout. Hooking it up to your preexisting plumbing system.

Brad Jordan

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