Simple bathroom storage solutions are exactly what you need to implement in your bathroom. Why? Everyone has that drawer that is filled with clutter and is very unorganized. There are items you need and should throw away but you don’t because they are hiding in the chaos that is your bathroom. These 5 simple bathroom storage solutions are what you need to turn your bathroom from a pity party into bathroom envy.

Working with the space you’ve already got

You don’t have to buy another cabinet or add bulky shelves to your bathroom. This is a simple solution that is often overlooked. Tiered containers that fit underneath your sink or in an otherwise unused area; give you a more diverse, organized space where everything has a place to go. You can also buy containers that will compartmentalize your drawers. These are perfect for utilizing the space you’ve already got! Each item will have its own little room in your drawer. Something out of place? You’ll see it! Something no longer useful? You’ll throw it away instead of it just disappearing in your drawer from the clutter.

Two on the space of one

In a lot of bathrooms, there isn’t much wall space to use for shelves or towel racks. Unfortunately, there is no way around limited wall space (unless you are willing to demolish a wall). However, every bathroom does have a door that is only used as a door. There is prime real estate on your bathroom door that you are not utilizing. These double towel racks are perfect for his and her towels. Or decorative towels. Either way, you’re adding space to your bathroom.

A Secret Spa

Out of all the bathroom storage solutions, this one takes the cake. From rackets on the inside of the door for your relaxing lotions and shampoos to shelves for your softest towels. That’s not all… there is also a basket that slides in and out for easy access and is hidden for all to not see. Use this cabinet to store all your towels, lotions, oils, body wash, bath balms, and hair products. It is perfect for your personal spa getaway and it is tall and thin so that it is not taking up that much space but adding space vertically.

Flat Irons and Blow Dryers Made Simple

I don’t know about you but before I saw this I would just either shove my hairdryer and my hair curler in my cabinet hoping that they don’t magically tangle each other. However, this is one of the simple bathroom storage solutions that completely solve this issue. All your “get ready in the morning” hair care products and tools are in one place and each has its own home. Not only is it organizing your cabinet, but you’re also giving yourself quick and easy access to your hair products. Say bye-bye to tangled wires and missing hairbrushes.

Yes, Baskets

Simply hanging baskets in your shower or near your tub is the perfect simple storage solution in your bathroom. They are perfect for your bathroom because they will dry out your sponge, loofahs, and scrunchies. All you need is to buy a shower rod, hooks, and baskets. These baskets are fast to install and give a beautifully simple look. So, head down to the store to get yourself some baskets.

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