Perfect Bathroom Designs

The best bathroom design can be summed up into one word. Opinion. Everyone has their own style and the word best is very subjective. However, these bathroom designs are ones that everyone can take inspiration from and make your own and have your very own best bathroom design. All it takes is your style and of course your budget. Check out our blog on 5 Simple Bathroom Storage Solutions and 5 Nifty Bathroom Storage Ideas for great ideas on how to save money and to save space.

Everyday Get Away Bathroom Design

This very modern bathroom is more than just a place to take a shower or use the toilet. No, this modern bathroom is a place you can go to relax and start/end your day in peace. The simple lines and simple décor make this room a very balanced Zen-like feel.

Fit for Royalty Bathroom Design

This bathroom is perfect if you don’t have that much space in your bathroom. The color theme is simple and there is a sleek yet luxurious fill to this bathroom. If you want your bathroom with some sleek fixtures and a warm tone with bronze, gold, and black then this is your best bathroom design. The shine from the gold adds an extra pop to the shower tiles and backslash to your walls.

Ocean Side View Bathroom Design

Even if you’re nowhere near the coast, this bathroom design is perfect for those ocean lovers. The turquoise and aquamarine colors are soft enough to not be shouting but bright enough to give you an elegant bathroom design. Make this your own by adding different shells and different shades of either coral, turquoise, or aquamarine.

Simple Yet Perfect Bathroom Design

This bathroom design strives from having an accent color. The beauty of it is that the accent color can be your favorite color. Adding towels that match the wall color also adds another layer to the simple yet perfect bathroom design. All you truly need is a bucket of paint that is your favorite color (and white if your bathroom is painted a color you don’t like or if it needs touch-ups) and then you have a bathroom design that is pleasing to your eyes and it’s simple.

Accent Wall Goals Bathroom Design

Having a simple solid color wall isn’t the best way to have any bathroom designs that you will love. Luckily there is an accent wall that you can always count on! Accent walls involve a similar color as your solid-color walls, but they also incorporate a design. Your design can be simple or complex. This accent wall has splashes of yellow with simple geometric line work. Your accent wall can be just simple wallpaper. So, pick your design and your color for an easy yet chic design.

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