Combination boilers are widely used in many homes, so you may want to consider investing in a combination boiler for your home. As the name suggests, the boiler can function in two ways. These boilers can act as a heating system and boil hot water for your home, making them extremely efficient and effectively lowering your utility costs. Keep reading to learn the advantages of combination boilers.

What Is a Combi Boiler?

A Combi Boiler is a boiler that combines two separate heating systems into one. The main difference between conventional and combination boilers is that combi boilers join a home’s central heating system and water heating to help owners that have limited space. A conventional boiler works in two different ways; the central heating system works independently from the water heating system.

A combi boiler draws water from the main water supply and warms it as needed. The combi starts burning gas in a combustion chamber when it senses a need for hot water. Hot gases rise and move through a series of pipes into the heat exchanger.

This process is done automatically in a typical boiler system, with the water being kept in a separate cylinder until it is required. This cycle is initiated when you request it by turning on the hot water faucet, so the water is hot immediately.

Advantages of a Combination Boiler

Homeowners can experience several advantages of installing a combination boiler. Some of the conveniences of owning a combination boiler include:

1. Compact Size

Due to the integrated component design of the boiler’s operation, the combi boiler may be tiny. Because there is no need for a separate storage tank or cylinder, most modern combi boilers may be stored in a typical kitchen cabinet.

2. Highly Efficient

Due to technology advancing, modern boilers are very efficient in converting the energy they use into heat for your home.

If you’ve been shocked by your monthly energy bill, outdated or broken systems may be to blame. Most combi boilers’ energy efficiency grade (ERP) is ‘A,’ particularly those of well-known boiler companies.

3. Water Pressure

Combi boilers get their water straight from the main supply. Therefore, they keep a large portion of the main pressure for consistent water pressure after they’ve been installed.

While water is collected by gravity in typical heating systems, the greater flow of a combi minimizes the possibility of water becoming caught or “pooling” in a curved pipe.

4. High Speed

The fast, hot water that a combi boiler can provide is a clear advantage for any household. An older heating system in a home with numerous bathrooms might cause water heating rates to be lower, leading to more energy waste.

Why invest in an old-fashioned system when you can get the speed with a combination boiler? A combination boiler ensures that there is no energy waste.

5. Clean Water

With combination boilers, the water produced is safe for human consumption. The reason why is that the water doesn’t sit in the storage containers long. Water that has stayed in a specific container is prone to sludge, rust, and debris build-ups. The build-ups may cause contamination of the water in your home. In situations where contamination has occurred, the chances of diseases spreading are very high.

6. Easy Installation

Everybody wants to save money whenever possible. The reason why this specific boiler is easy to install is that its internal setup is simple. This is not the case with traditional heating systems. With an experienced engineer, combi boiler installation is easy, thus keeping the installation cost down.

7. Easy to Repair

Since the pieces of a combi boiler are built into the boiler itself, they are simple to fix if they ever fail. The boilers’ components are integrated into the system. This means that there are no complicated external parts that could break or malfunction easily. If your combi ever breaks down, don’t worry. Because of their widespread adoption, spare parts are readily available and affordable.

8. Longer Lifespan

The average lifespan of a combination boiler is between 10 and 15 years. The fact that several brands provide up to 10-year guarantees further assures you that these boilers will serve you well for many years to come. If you’re in the market for a new boiler, a combi may be the best option. Talk to a professional from Express Plumbing Heating & Air about the installation process and cost.

9. High Convenience

To avoid heat loss, an older heating system may need to preheat the water in advance or schedule it according to a program that must be updated often.

Since a combi boiler heats water when needed, you can go about your day in Boise, ID, without worrying about turning the boiler on and off at certain times.

10. Smart Tech Compatibility

Because of its forward-thinking and user-friendly foundational design, many contemporary combi boilers may be synchronized and remotely controlled through technology such as smart thermostats or applications through a smartphone or tablet. Some applications can even identify component failures and immediately contact an engineer when needed. This allows for wireless temperature adjustment and control on the go.

11. Saves Money

Many of the above items offer potential cost savings on their own. However, when combined, the information strongly suggests that a combi boiler may be an excellent means of saving money. As the cost of living in the world continues to worsen, this is particularly pertinent considering recent energy price increases.

How Does a Combination Boiler Work?

Though it may appear basic outside, a combination boiler conceals a sophisticated and powerful heating system. Turning on a faucet or the thermostat triggers the boiler to begin the process of heating water.

Once lit (by activating a heating control or beginning to run the hot water faucet), the fuel in the combi boiler’s combustion chamber will create flames that generate heat, and parts called heat exchangers are responsible for taking in that heat.

Water from the main water supply enters the boiler and travels via a network of pipes inside the heat exchangers. The water’s temperature increases as it passes through the heat exchangers, which the flames have preheated.

The water is then directed through a diverter, which may be routed to the taps or the radiators. After using all its heat in the radiators, the water is recirculated through the system.

Is It Time for a New Combi Boiler?

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