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Worst Bathroom Decorations

Trends come and go. Bathroom decorations are no exception. Whether it be wallpaper to seashells, there are some great ideas and trends for bathroom decorations and then there are the ones you question. Here are some bathroom decorations that should remain in the past.


Let’s just say that the shower itself is an odd design; from its circular shape to the wall that is horrendously covering it adds a sense of busyness that would make anyone want to look away.


Green is my favorite color by not to this extent. However, the different wallpaper patterns give this bathroom an overwhelming feeling. Also, the fact that this ceiling is wallpapered tells me someone got the deal of a lifetime on that pattern. So, if you ever want to put wallpaper in your bathroom, learn from this picture. (1) Stick to one type of wallpaper or (2) be sure to break it up and add wallpaper to only one wall and the rest can be a similar one-colored wall.


If That 70’s show ever had reincarnation as a bathroom, this would be it. I’m impressed that the lines on the bathroom walls manage to stay in a cohesive thickness. And talk about no counter space.


Have to say, this looks like the bubble bath of the decade. The level of gold that is placed in this bathroom is amazing. If anything, this isn’t enough gold.


So, I don’t think having carpeted floor in a bathroom is a good idea on any level. Also, the orientation of this bathroom leaves a big question mark for the guys that plumbed this bathroom. I couldn’t imagine the headache it was to pipe this bathroom.

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