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One may assume that males dominate the field from the start. As they were more able to carry large pipes and other tools. Women have not been left completely out of the plumbing history book. In World War 2. The demand for women in the trade rose due to men going off to war. When the men returned for war. Women were advised to return home until the women’s liberation movement of the 1960s and 1970s. Seldom in the books of plumbing history does find women including Lillian Baumbach and Irena Sendler who broke that convention.

Baumbach was born with plumbing in her blood. So her father, uncles, brothers, and male cousins owned and operated a local plumbing company. At the age of 2. She began plumbing and never stopped. First female Master Plumber. During the same time although in a different country. Sendler used her female powers to persuade the Nazis to allow her to service the Jewish ghettos rampant in Germany. During this time. Irena and her friends smuggled hundreds of children out of ghettos, some in toolboxes or potato sacks.

These early female plumbers inspire current ladies to follow in their famous footsteps. In our world today. Female plumbers are very rare but do exist. So female-owned and operated plumbing businesses have opened up all over the world. Customers feel safe with a female plumber as most of our customers in the plumbing industry are women. Canada, the United Kingdom, and Egypt feature female plumbers. These ladies have experienced much success.

Brad Jordan

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