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In Idaho, we are all pretty familiar with winterizing. Nobody wants frozen pipes. But have you ever put any thought into winterizing your yard? Just like your plumbing, your landscaping needs protection from these harsh winter months as well. So here are some tips to keep your lawn safe from the winter chill.

Protect your small trees and plants. Saplings, shoots, and root bases have little protection from the icy grip of winter. There is a special frost cloth you can purchase to help keep the frost off of your plants. For those of us with gardens, you may want to consider building a frame of sorts to drape the cloth over. Vegetables and flowers could still be smothered in heavy snowfall.

Garden hoses can be expensive if you end up having to replace them each year. So when winter comes in, drain them of all the water and roll them up neatly. Store them in a warm, dry area until you are ready to use them in the spring. Doing this will help prevent crimps and cracks in the house.

If you have a pond, keep a close eye on it during the colder months. You can let the pond go dormant. If you have fish, you will just want to make sure that the pond doesn’t freeze. So, believe it or not, the snow, ice, and surrounding earth should provide enough insulation to keep the pond from freezing completely. If you are nervous about the pond freezing, there are special de-icer products you can purchase.

So, the most simple way you can winterize your yard is one good clean-up before the season even starts. Rake your lawn and clear your gutters of any debris. You can even use the old leaves and foliage for mulch for your garden. Fertilize your lawn well in the months leading to winter. Sweep and clear your patios. Wash and put away any furniture that won’t be used in the winter months.

Taking these simple steps will help ensure a healthy hibernation for your lawn. It will also save you some headaches when the sun comes back out and the birds start singing for spring. Now all you have left to do is head inside and wait out winter by the fire.

Brad Jordan

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