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Pools are always fun during the hot days of summer. But what do you do when it gets too cold to go swimming? Here are some tips to take into consideration when fall and winter are fast approaching.

First, you would want to clean all the leaves, sticks, twigs, or any debris that might be in the pool. Usually, pool vacuums work best, however, fishing them out with networks is just as fine. You will also want to balance the water chemistry. This protects the pool from corrosion or scale buildup. Using a water test kit adjusts the water to the recommended levels of pH, total alkalinity, calcium, and chlorination.

They do have pool winterizing chemical kits that you can put in the water, however, if you choose to buy the kit your pool should be just fine following these simple steps. You shouldn’t add any extra chemical tablets to your pool like floaters that contain chlorine or bromine. They could freeze during the harsh winter months, if you do intend to add some extra chemicals pour them into a bucket and then into the pool so they can dissolve properly.

You should not completely drain your pool during fall/winter. What many people do not realize is the soil from underneath the pool can actually freeze and expand during the cold season, which can pull your pool right out from the ground. It’s important to clean the filter before you close up shop for the winter. Spray the cartridge filter with filter cleaner then rinse clean. As well as make sure to let out the drain from the bottom of the filter to empty out any water remaining.

Now for the last step is to put a winter pool cover over the pool! A winter pool cover is designed to withstand the weight of ice and snow. It will protect people and pets from falling through the cover into the water.

Be sure to follow some of these helpful tips and your pool should be safe and sound until next season!

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