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As the weather gets colder and landscaping takes a backseat to the frost and snow. We may forget our hose bibs when we roll our hoses up for the winter. While they may be out of commission, hose bibs need protection, too! Follow these steps to winterize your hose bib and prevent frozen or burst pipes!

Shut off the supply for whichever hose bib you are working on. These valves will have colored handles and are generally found under a sink or at the water heater. Turn the valve clockwise until it will turn no further. After this is done, go outside and turn on the hose bib to allow the remaining water to drain out. You may need to push the pin in the center of the valve to the side to completely drain the water.

Go back to the shut-off valve inside after the water has drained. Release the remaining water by removing the thumbscrew cap on the side. Make sure to put a container under the valve to catch any water. Go once more to the outside hose bib and pull the pin in the center to the side to ensure all water has been drained. Do not close the hose bib. You may then go back inside and replace the thumbscrew cap and seal, tightening it with a pair of pliers to make sure it is secure.

Voila! You have now winterized your hose bib!

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