That first cold day has finally arrived. You turn up the thermostat. But the heat won’t turn on. This scenario is not one any Boise-area homeowner wants to face. Nonetheless, there are things you can do, the first being to determine the reason for the problem. Here are some troubleshooting tips to get you started, whether you can remedy the issue on your own or need a licensed heating technician to fix it.

Steps to Take When Your Heat Won’t Turn On

Check Whether a Circuit Breaker Has Tripped

All furnaces have components that require electricity to run. Even if you have a gas or propane furnace, it will be unable to run during an outage. A tripped breaker is often the cause. To fix the problem, flip the breaker serving your furnace. If it’s not the breaker, check the power switch on the unit; if it’s in the “off” position, flip it to the “on” position.

Inspect the Heater’s Air Filters

A filter can get dirty fast, especially if your heater is on all the time. If the filter isn’t cleaned or changed, it will eventually block airflow and the heat that’s delivered with it. Neglecting to maintain the filter can lead to other system issues and expensive repairs, so be sure to check the filter every month or two.

Check the Thermostat Settings

If your heat won’t turn on, the thermostat may be set improperly. Make sure it’s switched to heat mode or check whether the programmed settings have changed. A thermostat can sometimes reset on its own. To test it, raise the temperature about 10 degrees than the current reading; the system should turn on if there are no other issues.

However, if the thermostat’s settings seem right, then try replacing the battery or opening the panel and blowing out any dust or debris. The thermostat should be level as well. Look for damaged wires and replace them or have a technician do it safely for you.

Inspect the Pilot Light

The pilot light keeps a gas furnace going. Modern furnaces will turn off if it goes out to prevent a gas leak. If you have some mechanical knowledge, turn off the power and gas feed, open the panel on the unit, and follow the user manual’s steps for removing, cleaning, and reinserting the pilot light. Call a professional if you’ve never done this or the heat still won’t turn on.

Check the Fuel Supply

If there’s no fuel entering the furnace, your heat won’t turn on. Gas-powered units require a constant supply of fuel. One reason the furnace may not be running is the gas control valve is off. You can remedy this problem by moving the valve to the “on” position. Contact your gas company if the system still isn’t working.

Look for Water in the Drain Pan

Normally, water drains from or is pumped out of the drain pan. If the drain pan is full, a float switch acts as a safety mechanism and deactivates the furnace. Clearing the drain can solve the problem but potential mechanical issues with the pump must be addressed by a professional.

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