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Spiders and insects always pop in the house one way or another. A common area for them to appear in the bathroom. What do you do though in the case it’s something much bigger than a spider? It’s very common to have an irrational fear of some type of critter crawling or slithering up through the toilet. However, that fear might not be so irrational after all. Can you believe cases of animals and amphibians coming up through the toilet happen more often than you would think?

Homes typically have staked pipes that run from the sewer to the vent stack. These pipes connect to the home’s drainage system, where water used by dishwashers, showers, washing machines, and toilets are emptied. However most of the time this area remains dry. It provides an entrance to the home for a critter exploring the area.

The most expected critters to end up crawling through the sewer system up through your toilet are snakes, rats, frogs, possums, and squirrels. Snakes are the most common to end up in the bowl of your toilet, for they can manipulate their bodies in order to slither up the piping. Also Frogs! They like the water and damp location. Rats, squirrels, and possums are less common, but there have been instances of such critters coming up.

Something could be wrong with your plumbing if these critters come up. Having holes in your piping could be the result of finding these little critters hanging around your toilet!

Brad Jordan

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