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Anywhere with a public water system in place will almost always have a water treatment facility. Although treatment at these facilities is usually pretty effective, it is not foolproof. You will want to prevent small traces of harmful materials from being carried into your home. This means you may need to install a water treatment system. There are some tell-tale signs you can look out for to help determine if this addition is right for your household.

Occasionally, a little discoloration may happen when you turn on your water. This is not always a problem. If the water runs a reddish-brown color for a few seconds, you may just have a little rust down the line. You need to deal with this eventually. It is not an immediate problem. However, if the running water has consistent discoloration, you may have some kind of contamination. Address these concerns immediately.

Anyone who keeps house knows what a pain limescale buildup can be. The white, chalky substance usually builds up in areas that are exposed to hard water over time. If you are seeing the buildup on your faucets and tubs, it is more than likely that you have a buildup inside your system as well. Over time, this can restrict the flow of water through your pipes. Address this concern as soon as you see the signs. Don’t wait for it to cause larger issues for your plumbing system!

Hard water can be harmful to both your plumbing system and your family. If you are concerned about hard water in your home, call Express Plumbing Heating & Air today! Our highly qualified technicians are available to provide you with a complimentary estimate to install your new water treatment system. We are committed to providing you with prompt, reliable service at a competitive price!

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