Water Meter: How and What

What is a Water Meter?

There are gadgets in your home that are useful in telling you how your plumbing is doing. A water meter can be a life-saver for many distasteful situations. A water meter helps tell you about the water used in your home. Monitoring its behavior notifies you of a leak. This can prevent you from having to spend thousands of dollars on repairs. In fact, it could end up saving you money if you know what to look for.

A Life-Saver & Future Money-Saver

The best tool you already have in your home is a water meter. The device that measures how much water you use. In addition, reading the water meter tells you if there is a leak in your home. Leaks can end up costing you more than expected in damages to the home itself. How to spot a leak through warning signs prevents extensive water damage. Therefore, the faster you spot the signs the sooner you can stop the leak.


You may be wondering where to find a water meter and what it will look like. Water meters are located at the front of a home. Also, the closest to the curb. You’ll know it’s what you’re looking for because it says “water” or “ACWD” on the lid that covers it. Once uncovered, you’ll see the dials that are read for water use in the home. The pictures below show the two styles that are the two readings you’ll receive from a water meter.

What to look out for…

The small pointer on the center of the “speedometer style” meter can be used to check for a leak in your home. In addition, the one-foot dial on the “clock style” meter can also be used to check for a leak. To check for leaks: first, you turn off all the water in the house. Once all the water has been turned off in the house, look at the dials on the water meter. No movement means there are no leaks in the house. If there is movement then you do have a leak.

What do I do?

You’ve looked at all the signs and you think you have a leak. What to do now? Locating and finding leaks can be a job for Plumbers. There are useful tools to help find where leaks are through walls. This makes it so they aren’t tearing up your house.

Who to Call?

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