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Since the dawn of indoor plumbing, the toilet seat debate between men and women. Everyone wants a toilet to be ready to use. It’s a drag to have to switch the toilet seat from one position to another. We are going to address some risks involved in leaving the toilet seat lid up.

It’s More Sanitary:

You don’t want bacteria or odor floating around in your bathroom right? That’s where toilet seats come in handy. So Flushing with the toilet seat lid up can cause germs from the toilet to spread into the air that will settle on nearby surfaces.

Pet Safety:

No matter how many water dishes we leave around for your pets, some cats and dogs will still opt to drink from the toilet bowl. Even if the toilet water is “clean” chances are the bowl isn’t and your pet could be licking up harmful bacteria. Some people use chemical cleaners in their toilets and you don’t want your furry friends to get sick. Keeping the lid down will prevent your pets from getting in there.


Did you know drownings can happen in toilets? Children are fascinated with the way water leaves the toilet. They can topple over the top and hit their heads or can even drown. So Keeping the toilet seat down will prevent any accidents from happening. Little tiny fingers can get hurt if the toilet lid is left open and it accidentally shuts. An unclosed toilet can pose a threat to your kids.

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