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Everyone loves a good origin story. So here at Express Plumbing Heating & Air, we’ve told you a lot about the advancements in modern plumbing and fixtures. However, the best way to appreciate modern marvels is to see where they came from. If you’re planning a trip to Massachusetts. You’ll get a chance to do just that. Watertown, MA, is home to The Plumbing Museum. And you don’t need to be an industry professional to appreciate their collection!

Charles Manoog began collecting antique plumbing fixtures in the 1950s. So he collected everything from toilets to tubs. In 1979 they decided to share with the public. He founded the American Sanitary Plumbing Museum so that his father’s collection could be appreciated by the public. Since its inception, the museum has grown. It became large enough to move from a small garage to a large, renovated ice factory in historic Watertown!

The Plumbing Museum today has an impressive collection. There are earth closets and early toilets. Showing how far modern plumbing has advanced through the centuries. The collection boasts gorgeous and decorative fixtures. From toilets to clawfoot tubs. So they even have a display featuring vintage toilet tissue!

The museum has increased in popularity over the years. In a time so abundant with shared information available to us. It seems that we as a society just can’t learn enough about everything. The Plumbing Museum was even featured in an episode of “Mysteries at the Museum” on the travel channel! If you’d like a sneak peek inside. So check out the episode “Mystery Meat, the invention of TP, and Anthony and Cleopatra”, which aired on November 17th.

It looks like we’ve found our next company retreat destination!

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