Water line replacement is a project most homeowners don’t look forward to. In addition to the expense, they’re often apprehensive about the disruption and problems it may cause. However, trenchless water line replacement avoids many of the issues homeowners dread.

7 Benefits of Trenchless Water Line Replacement

Here’s a look at some of its benefits from getting a trenchless water line replacement:

1. Excavation Work Isn’t Required

In the past, replacing a water line required digging up your entire yard, then refilling it when the work was done. Trenchless plumbing requires only small holes at pipe entry and exit points, which accommodate the machinery used to install the liner. There’s no need for any type of excavation.

First, a camera is inserted into the system; attached to a long rod, it can be moved throughout the pipeline. Video footage shows the operator where the pipe needs to be replaced (and can spot small leaks and other damage). Meanwhile, a locator helps find exactly where to access the pipe at ground level.

2. Repairs Take Less Time

Specialized machinery allows the technician to locate, access, and replace the damaged pipe in a single project. Since only two holes are needed, there’s no time spent on digging trenches. The process is often completed in 2 or 3 days. A small repair may take even less time. Property damage is avoided, further reducing the amount of time for things to get back to normal.

3. Strong, Durable Pipes

Cured-in-place solutions effectively fix damaged water lines. Plumbers typically don’t even have to remove any pipes. An epoxy lining is inserted and, once cured, is permanently attached to the existing pipe’s interior. It often takes only a couple of hours to have a functional water line. The replaced section is less susceptible to leaks, clogs, and corrosion (or even tree root invasion), and can last up to 50 years.

If the pipeline has completely collapsed, we can use trenchless pipe bursting. A bursting head is inserted underground and forces a new pipe into the place of the old one. This can increase flow capacity and strengthen the overall water line.

4. Trenchless Water Line Replacement Is Greener

The process of digging and using excavation equipment can pollute your water supply. Since you’re already dealing with plumbing and water quality issues, a safer method of replacement is more practical and economical. Trenchless pipe replacement protects both the environment and the health of your family.

5. Improved Water Quality

Your drinking water will be cleaner and free of bacteria or mold. If you have old lead pipes, trenchless replacements eliminate the effects of lead, which are most prevalent in children and pregnant women. However, lead can cause fatigue, weakness, anemia, and other problems in anyone with high enough exposure. With trenchless repair, water can not only be safer to drink, but also better tasting.

6. Trenchless Plumbing Is Safer

Aside from being more convenient for property owners, trenchless water line replacement is safer for crews too. A water line can run six to 10 feet underground. Deep excavation comes with a high risk of mishaps and injuries. With the proper training and experience, a technician can fix a water line and avoid the difficult, strenuous work involved with traditional processes.

7. Service Is More Affordable

Avoiding damage to your yard, landscaping, walkways, or patios saves a great deal. You save on labor too, as most companies charge by the hour. Also, fewer materials are needed. Trenchless water line replacement therefore has many advantages that cut costs while maximizing the quality of repairs.

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