A clogged toilet can be extremely frustrating, especially if it’s the only one in the house. Not only that, but it can get messy quickly. You should always have a plunger in your home in case this happens. However, don’t do what most people do and plunge vigorously for 10 seconds and give up! Maximize the usage of your plunger in the correct way, and you could save some money by not needing to call a plumber out!

Toilet draining slow or not at all? After you’ve done this, you need to give the toilet at least 10 minutes to drain before you take a plunger to it. The next step is to put rubber gloves on. This can get messy. You may also want to move away from any mats or objects that are set next to the toilet.

You will want to make your first plunge a gentle one. The bell will be full of air at first, and the first plunge will force it out. If it’s too hard, it will force the air out around the plunger ball. This will cause a big splash and get you and the bathroom all wet! After you’ve done this, you will create a kind of seal around the toilet drain. This is when you want to start your hard plunges. Don’t give up easily! Keep going for about 20 plunges or so, making sure to maintain the seal. What you’re doing is forcing water in both di9rections in your drain. This is all it takes to clear most normal clogs, If it doesn’t work right away, try alternating between steady strokes and more aggressive ones.

If you’re unable to clear the toilet with this method, you may not have a simple clog as we’d hoped. Not to worry, though. Express Plumbing Heating & Air is here to help you solve your issue at a reasonable price. Call us today!

Brad Jordan

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