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Take It Easy on the TP!

In this day and age, most people usually are paying attention to ways they can save money. Yet all of us are literally flushing money down the drain. Don’t get me wrong, I am a big fan of toilet paper. But toilet tissue is definitely an area where “less is more” applies. We have all been guilty of using too much. If you have kids, you know that their go-to “clean up” strategy is making a TP glove to wipe with. It would save us all time, money, and possibly a visit from the plumber to keep our usage to a minimum.

The first thing you can do is stop spending extra money on name brands. The store brand is just as good and is half the price. If you have kids, definitely don’t bother getting the luxurious, pillow bottom special rolls for their bathroom. They will use just as much whether it is ultra-soft or standard paper. Stick to whatever is cost-effective.

Ass silly as it may seem to many adults, consider having a box of wipes in the bathroom. When you have those days where things aren’t as neat as usual, they will come in handy. One or two wipes will take the place of half a roll of paper. That’s what they are made for. Just remember, even if the brand says they are flushable, it is best to throw wipes in the trash can.

You may think you are saving time and money by buying double or mega-sized rolls. While this does make sense logically, you will actually run out sooner than if you have bought standard. That is because subconsciously you will use more because you know you have plenty. Those companies have thought up a pretty good marketing strategy!

The most simple way to conserve: take it slow. You should not be in a rush in there. So there is no need to pull your paper like you are trying to start a lawnmower. Pull off a few sheets and if the job is not done, you know where to find more.

Conserving paper is not just good for your wallet and the environment. It is good for your plumbing system as well. Too much paper can muck up the works and end up clogging up your system. If you do end up with an issue, give Express Plumbing Heating & Air a call! We will get you flowing again in no time.

Brad Jordan

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