Sump Pump: The Break Down

Sump Pump: What is it?

What is a sump pump? A sump pump is a sewage system that works using gravity to move solids and liquids down a line. They are in the basements of homes and buildings. Their primary function is to act as an indoor septic system. They are powered by plugging them into an electrical socket close to a battery backup.

Regular maintenance is vital to avoid flooding!

Sump Pump Maintenance Tips:

  • It is important to keep maintenance up for your pump. This is so that you can reduce your chance of the pump flooding your home or building. If you do not know how to do this maintenance on your own there are always professionals you can call out to help.
  • Flush with water three or four times per year to remove debris and residue.
  • Make sure the float component is unobstructed and can move smoothly.
  • Scan the pit and remove any visible debris, mud, or stones.
  • Test the pump: slowly pour a bucket of water into the pit. The float should rise with the water level, triggering the unit to start pumping.
  • Water should be discharging and flowing well away from your home.
  • Once a year you should disconnect the pump for the power source and remove the unit.
  • Also, you should replace the backup battery every two to three years.

Sump pump problems to watch out for:

Running into any of these problems calls for a professional to come out and help. Damage that can be done by a failed pump could end up taking more money to fix the damage than it would have been to fix the problem early on. Keep an eye out for any of these problems so that you can fix the problem before it goes too far.

  • There was a power failure: without power, it is completely worthless.
  • A stuck pump switch.
  • The sump pump becomes overwhelmed. There are many different types of sump pumps around. Pumps designed for your needs should be easy to find.
  • Water will collect and freeze causing a blockage during colder months. Which, would result in a flooded basement if the water has nowhere to run.
  • Old age: replace every five to seven years.

The Best Part?

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