Sump Pump Maintenance

Why Sump Pump Maintenance?

As we in the Treasure Valley have been reminded this past winter, flooding can become a problem in the wetter months of the year. A sump pump in the basement can alleviate some of the stress. Having this backup can help prevent damage to your home and belongings. However, these fixtures require maintenance just like everything else! So, here are some tips on sump pump maintenance. You should make a habit of doing this annually. The best time to do it would be before the rainy season starts. Your pump will be ready to go when needed.

Avoid Flooding

First, perform a visual inspection of your pump. Check the cord to the pump. You are looking for wear and tear. Also, make sure that your sump pump is sitting upright and level. When the pump is running, the vibration could cause it to tilt. This could cause the float to shift out of place. An out-of-place float could prevent proper function.

Next, test your sump pump. You can do this easily by filling the basin or pit the pump sits in with water. So if your sump pump is functioning properly, it will kick on immediately. If it does, your pump is doing its job! If not, you may have an issue with the pump itself. The pump may need to be serviced. The water will all pump out of the pit.

Now take it out of its place. Clean out the grate at the bottom. A clogged grate could cause a sump pump to malfunction. Often, this is when it is needed most!

If all is well during these steps, you should check on the drainage pipes from the machine. All systems are different. So, this could lead to the main sewage or to an outlet pipe into your yard. Point the outlet pipes away from the foundation. Also, make sure that it is extended far enough away from your home. This ensures that it is not adding to the natural water table. Whatever the drainage system you have, make sure that the pipe is free and clear of debris.

Who to Call?

If you need help servicing your sump pump, give us a call! Express Plumbing Heating & Air is here to help you. Express Plumbing Heating & Air service is a BBB +A-rated company. Call today!

Brad Jordan

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