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Snowmelt Flooding

We’ve had a record-breaking winter here in the Treasure Valley. The daily snowfall record was broken after being set in 1952. The overall snowfall accumulation record was broken after being set in 1985! However, now that the temperature is rising, we’re starting to see the ramifications of this sudden “winter wonderland”. As the snow melts, the water is having a hard time dispersing. So here are a few tips to help protect yourself from snowmelt flooding.

The first thing to focus on is snow removal. Remove snow around the foundation of your home to prevent water from leaking into your basement and/or crawlspace. Sandbags around the foundation of your home could help prevent water from seeping in as well. You may want to clear the snow from your roof. Ice dams could have formed during the storm. If these are not cleared, water could leak into your attic space and into your walls. This can cause extensive damage over time!

When you are removing the snow, make sure to keep it in your yard. Shoveling into the streets causes issues for drainage. Check around the edge of your lots to make sure the drainage paths are clear. Make a channel for them if they are not. Check the catch basins in your area to make sure that they are clear. While clearing snow, try to throw the snow somewhere other than the street. This will help keep the roads safer for you and your neighbors!

Remember that we’re all in this together when nature hits us hard. Work with your neighbors to make snow removal and management plan. Some people in your neighborhood may need some extra help with their work. We at Express Plumbing Heating & Air are proud to be part of a community that comes together in times like these. There’s nothing more valuable than a good neighbor!

Brad Jordan

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