Sink Design Fails

Nothing is worse when you go to the bathroom and wash your hands; only to find that the sink is in the worse possible condition. This sink design fails will make you question what lead up to the result of these sinks. Some just don’t get the water into the sink bowl while others have water pressure like a fire truck. This sink design fails will make you cringe and feel better about walking into a public restroom that at least has one working sink.

I guess at one point in time there must have been a complaint that there weren’t enough paper towel dispensers. Now, they just went overboard. Not only are there 5 different paper towel dispensers but they are all over the place. There is no rhyme or reason for how they placed them on the wall and they took away the mirrors for these paper towel dispensers.

The Invisible Sink Bowl

I guess as long as water goes through the faucet you can still wash your hands. Just there will be a big mess and nowhere for the water to go. Sink design fails is most likely give you a giant mess with water going everywhere. This bathroom is no exception. Not only is there no bowl for the water to go in but the faucet is motion detecting so anything that gets somewhat close to it will set it off. Keep your phone off of the counter and you should be golden.

Cold Shoulder

Hope you don’t mind cold water on your hands because you’ll never get warm water out of this sink. Unless you change the faucet. Maybe around nob would help? But whoever put this indefinitely didn’t take in the fact that the wall and the faucet are a bit close together. With all sinks, the design fails, only having cold water with an unreachable hot water option would be an upsetting reminder of the money that was spent to put the sink in.

So, So Close

Sadly enough, it is the handle that is stopping this from being a functioning sink. Every time you turn on the faucet water will hit your hand and then cascade down the handle onto the counter. At least it will make you have to wipe down the counter each time so now you have a super clean counter. Or you could let the water stay and get mold. Ether way, this sink design fail is giving you more work than needs be.

Fire Hydrant for a Faucet

This is an impressive reach done by the water pressure in this sink design fail. Not to mention the photo captures the water perfectly frozen in time. With all the other sink design fails, this one has the best freeze-frame of the water doing what it does when there is a design fail present. The water pressure is very impressive and actually could have been worse than what it was. As long as the shower door is open, the water has a place to go. Maybe could just wash your hands in the shower and call it good.

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