How to Shut Off Water Supply

Plumbing accidents happen. So, having a plumbing emergency doesn’t necessarily mean that your plumbing is bad or that you are maintaining it poorly. Sometimes leaks and burst pipes are caused by environmental issues. The house settling could cause them. Freezing and expanding pipes could be a factor. Whatever the cause of your issue, it is stressful. Also, you can’t always wait for a professional to get the water turned off. Here are some tips on how to shut off the water supply until help can arrive!

If it is just a single fixture leaking, you may be able to stop the flow at the fixture. Look for the valve that is closest to the fixture. So the shut-off valve will usually be an oblong handle near the wall. There may be two valves. One is for hot water. The other is for cold water. Turn the valves clockwise. It will shut off when turned all the way. This way you will not have to worry about water damage until help can arrive.

There may be a situation where you have to shut off the main water to the house. This could be if it is a pipe in a wall or ceiling that does not have an individual shut-off valve. You may also have to shut off the water supply to the house if you have a leak in your mainline. Your main shut-off valve should be fairly easy to locate. They are usually located in a box. This is near where the main water pipe enters the property. Inside will be a brass valve. Turn the valve clockwise all the way. Then, go inside and turn on all the faucets to get any remaining water out of the pipes.

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