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A common thorn in any housekeeper’s side is limescale buildup on plumbing fixtures. Tap water typically carries minerals with it that build up on your fixtures as residual water evaporates. Fortunately, you probably have what you need right there in your kitchen to get those fixtures sparkling again!

You may start off with simply a wet rag and dish soap or an all-purpose cleaner. So you should focus on the underside and back of the fixture, as that is where water drips and is more likely to deposit mineral buildup. You can also try using lemon juice. The citric acid may aid in dissolving the minerals without harming your fixtures.

For particularly stubborn deposits, plain white distilled vinegar could be your answer. You could simply put vinegar on the fixture and wipe it off after a few minutes, though some stains may take longer. You can try making a paste from vinegar and baking soda, wrapping a vinegar-soaked rag around the fixture, or tying a plastic bag full of vinegar around the faucet. Let any of these sit for an hour or two and you should see the difference.

When the buildup is severe, there are chemical cleaners designed for limescale. Be sure to take extreme caution, as these cleaners can irritate the skin and lungs. We hope these help to keep your fixtures shinier, longer!

Brad Jordan

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