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If you have a drain clog, you may be tempted to just get a store-bought drain cleaner to take care of it. This would be a mistake. Store-bought drain cleaners do solve the problem in the short term. But their long-term consequences far outstrip any benefit they provide. If you want to make sure that your drains stay in good condition for as long as possible. You should schedule a professional drain cleaning service.

The vast majority of store-bought drain cleaners are highly corrosive, which is how they clean out the drain. While this works well enough, it’s extremely bad for the pipes. Repeated use of these kinds of cleaners over a long period of time can degrade the pipes so much that they start to leak. They could eventually rupture. These kinds of drain cleaners also tend to leave bits and pieces of water on the walls of the pipes. This makes it easier for drain clogs to form in the future.

Toxic chemicals make up store-bought cleaners. They can pose a threat to one’s health as well as the environment. Chemicals such as sulfuric acid, caustic soda, and sodium hydroxide are found in store-bought drain cleaners. The main function of these chemicals is to eat away whatever is causing the blockage in the drain. It can go to the water treatment plants. These could pose a great danger not only to the homeowner. But also to other people who are getting their water source from the water treatment plants. While it is true that water treatment plants are equipped to filter dangerous substances they are not designed to filter chemicals such as those found in drain cleaners.

Here at Express Plumbing Heating & Air, we don’t use corrosive drain cleaners, we prefer to go with solutions that maintain the integrity of the pipe. The most common method for drain cleaning is drain snaking. This involves a long cord with an auger at the end. The auger drills through the clog in the pipe, allowing water to flow freely again. This method is far better at removing clogs while keeping the drain pipe in good condition.

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