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Do you know about the origins of plumbing? Though we may not see ourselves this way, we are all spoiled when it comes to plumbing. Did you brush your teeth today? Use the bathroom? Take a shower? We tend to forget that there was a time that things as simple as bathing were a drawn-out affair. it took transportation of water, heating of that water, and filling of a tub. All of this was hard manual labor done by servants.

So, who do we have to thank for this modern marvel we take for granted? Plumbing is evident in the histories of many cultures, including ancient Chinese, Greek, Persian, Indian, and Roman civilizations. These cultures established the use of rudimentary pipes to transport potable water to the public bathhouses in the city.

Water has always been an essential part of daily life. So, we need it to keep up our personal hygiene to keep disease at bay. More importantly, we need it to drink to sustain life. It is very important to have potable water for consumption daily. In the world we live in today, we could have a serious health issue for the entire population without modern plumbing.

The oldest copper piping system discovered by archaeologists was found in the Indus River Valley in India. These dated back to 4,000-3,000 B.C! A couple of centuries later, the Egyptians used copper piping to design elaborate bathrooms in the pyramids. So, they went on to use the same types of systems for public use.

So, a few thousand years later, the Romans built systems that withstood the test of time. The Romans have always been renowned for their engineering skills. They were thought to be the best plumbers in history until American plumbers constructed their sewage systems in the 19th and 20th centuries.

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