New Year’s Day: The day for resolutions. This coming year, you should think about trying to take on more jobs in your home. There are probably projects that you’ve been putting off because you think you need to hire a contractor to do them. You’ve heard horror stories about the number of money contractors charge for work. But you’re afraid you can’t do the work yourself. Do-it-yourself plumbing can save you money. Also, give you a satisfying feeling of accomplishment. Make 2017 the year that all of that changes. You can do much of this work. Here at Express Plumbing Heating & Air, we are going to help you with the plumbing work.

Express Plumbing Heating & Air always promotes safety. If you’re not sure about shutting down electrical power to your plumbing appliances. Or you’ve never used a torch to solder a joint. Don’t be afraid to ask a professional to help you through it. Many of these procedures are easily learned and you will be able to accomplish a lot of work yourself.

Installing Faucets:

We have posted multiple articles in the past few months describing the fun to be had buying kitchen and bath faucets. Also the seemingly endless choices available. We’ve also discussed the methods for installing them yourself. And installing the sinks that these faucets will be sitting on. It seems like a small decision, but make sure you choose the correct faucet. You’ll have it for a while. Installing a faucet is a good do-it-yourself project, even for a beginner. The satisfaction you’ll feel whenever you use it may inspire you to take on other do-it-yourself projects.

Toilets That Wobble or Continuously Run:

Having a toilet that continuously runs or occasionally flushes on its own can be very annoying to listen to. The wasted water is costing you money. Fixing a running toilet is a fairly simple but essential job. You can cure this issue rather quickly by just replacing the flapper that stops the water in your toilet tank from entering the bowl. The part is not very expensive. Even the most amateur do-it-yourself can make the repair in a matter of minutes. But with a little willingness to solve the problem and some elbow grease. A do-it-yourselfer can fix this as well, and Express Plumbing Heating & Air is here to help.

Water Heater:

I think the main reason that water heaters scare people is their size, especially if you’re talking about the standard tank units installed in most homes. Don’t let the size fool you; installing and maintaining water heaters is not really all that difficult. You will want to ensure that you consult with a qualified professional in regards to the electrical power or natural gas connections that tie into it to actually heat the water up, but after that, the procedures involved are pretty simple to accomplish.

You will probably need another person to help remove an old heater and muscle a new heater into place, but any family member or neighbor south of seventy-five years old should be able to help with this.

Express Plumbing Heating & Air has articles posted about water heater installations including both tank and tankless types, as well as articles dealing with routine maintenance. Although often overlooked by many people, some routine maintenance to your heater can go a long way in helping it last longer.

Filter Water:

You can help your drinking water taste better, and your water-using appliances last longer by simply installing a whole-house water filter, or adding smaller filters at the inlets to fixates if you prefer. A whole-house filter can be a tricky undertaking, but if you work carefully and deliberately, you can install one. The toughest part might be getting a good shut down on the water coming into the house as these valves are often old and may not have been operated in a long time.

We look forward to providing you with continuous help in saving you time, money, and headaches in 2017 and beyond.

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