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Even in a small company, sharing a bathroom with everyone could become uncomfortable. There are ways to ensure everybody is happy, and also to ensure that your bathroom stays tidy and sanitary. Follow these tips to keep everyone happy.

The most important part is to be accommodating to everyone. If you have one bathroom, make sure it is comfortable for both your male and female employees. Clearly mark gender-specific restrooms. Also, make sure to have bathrooms clearly marked if you have separate facilities for employees and customers. Everyone likes a full-length mirror in a bathroom. Make sure your restrooms can well accommodate children and people with disabilities.

Wall-mounted toilets are a good idea from a maintenance perspective. With no floor support, they are easier to clean and to clean around. Speaking of cleaning around them. You should consider flooring that is slip-resistant for safety reasons. You should choose durable materials for the walls of the bathroom. Did you know that you could invest in odor-trapping wall coverings? Also, if you do share your bathroom with customers or outside agents. Wall coatings that are resistant to graffiti are a wise choice.

You should take convenience and cleanliness into account. Provide disposable toilet seat covers. You should also have double-roll toilet paper dispensers, in case you become busy and don’t have time to ensure the dispenser is stocked at all times. Opting for automatic flush and sink sensors would also be a good idea, to help prevent the spread of germs. You should try to keep the trash can near the sink to prevent litter from being accidentally left on the floor.

All of these are simply ways to make sure that your office bathrooms are comfortable for your employees and customers alike. If you need assistance changing out any of your fixtures to become accommodating, give Express Plumbing Heating & Air a call! We are here for all of your commercial plumbing needs!

Brad Jordan

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