Lowering your water heater temperature may be a shock to some when it comes to ways to save money. The majority of the time homeowners look at the thermostat setting for their heating and cooling system in their home but never their water heater thermostat. The fact is that water heating can account for about 12% of a family’s utility bill. It is the second biggest bill right after the heating and cooling system in the home.

Automatically Manufacturers Set it at a Safety Hazard!

In the water heater owner’s manual is where you can see where the manufacture’s set the water heater temperature at. Most likely, you’ll find that the manufacturer set the thermostat at 140 degrees. Scalding hot water at 140 degrees presents a safety hazard and the fact is most households don’t require the water heater temperature to be more than 120 degrees.

Finding Out and Knowing What You Need

Of course, every household is different in the fact of how much water they need and in what water heater temperature would work for them. Therefore, asking a professional about changing your water heater temperature is the best route to go.


There is another alternative that you might be pushing off. Water heaters only last approximately 10-12 years. A new water heater would not only be more efficient but also have better installation. This means that the water heater temperature can be sustained longer with less energy consumption. So, it could be that you have an older water heater that isn’t keeping the water hot enough, not sustaining heat, and losing you money. The benefit of getting a new water heater is that it would be fit to your home and

Who to Call?

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