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Low water pressure can be frustrating. It can affect dishwashing, watering the garden, or even your daily shower. Water pressure can be lowered simply because two fixtures are running at once. However, there are other reasons for low water pressure that you may need to consider.

The problem with your water pressure could be as simple as an issue with elevation or timing. Though water is basically a non-compressible liquid, it does transfer pressure horizontally in confined spaces, meaning it exhibits the same pressure in a horizontal pipe as a vertical one.

You should also pay attention to the clock. If everyone in the neighborhood is watering the lawn and showering at the same time, this could be the cause of your pressure issue. Try adjusting your schedule and see if that helps. Could also be your main valve. You’d be surprised how often this happens!

If none of these seem to be the issue, you may need to call a professional plumber to help. There is a chance that your pressure regulator has gone out and needs to be replaced. There is also the possibility that you have a water leak somewhere. An easy way to check is to turn off the water to the house and read your meter. Wait a couple of hours and read the meter again. If the usage has gone up, you likely have a leak. A licensed plumber can diagnose the extent of repair needed to correct the issue.

Don’t feel pressured to deal with low water pressure. Your friends here at Express Plumbing Heating & Air will fi it right up for you!

Brad Jordan

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