How Do I Find The Source Of A Water Leak?

If you’re asking this question, then you’re already on the right track to solving your leak issues. Finding the exact location and cause of a leak is the number one objective in finding a solution. We use specialized equipment with the latest technology to find the exact cause and origin of leaks. Many leaks are caused by plumbing problems, but there could be other factors at play as well.

Call us today or schedule online to get one of our leak detection specialists to perform our non-invasive leak detection procedures at your home. When you book with us, we will also provide you with a report outlying the exact cause of the leak for insurance claim purposes, if needed.

Untreated Water Leaks Can Become Expensive To Fix

Plumbing leaks aren’t always easy to spot, which means you should be mindful of warning signs that indicate a leak is present. If left undiagnosed, plumbing leaks can cause thousands of dollars in damages to your property. Your homeowner’s insurance may also deny damage claims associated with these leaks if the adjuster finds the leaks could have been prevented.

Signs of a possible plumbing leak include:

  • Wall Condensation
  • Wall Paint or Wallpaper Damage or Peeling
  • Mold or Mildew on Walls, Ceiling, or Floors
  • Musty Odors
  • Damp or Warm Floors or Carpeting
  • Wall or Ceiling Stains

Don’t wait for a plumbing leak to drain your wallet. If you spot signs of a leak in your home, call us as soon as possible to get it checked out, and we’ll help you get it fixed!

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