What is hydro excavation? We can start with the meaning of the two words, Hydro and Excavation. “Hydro” is a word with Greek origin. It is used in the formation of compound words, meaning “water”. “Excavation” is a word of Latin origin, meaning “the act of excavating”. In other words, it means to “remove material by digging or scooping out”. When we combine the two ideas of water and digging, we get hydro excavation.

Here’s another way to describe this: hydro excavation is a non-destructive process that makes use of both high-pressure water and an industrial-strength vacuum to excavate the soil. At the same time, the soil is safely broken up by the water. Also, the soil and water are conveyed by the vacuum to a debris tank.

Hydro excavation is safer than mechanical digging methods. It uses water to break up the soil. Because of this, it pretty much eliminates the risk of underground damage. Also, it reduces the impact on the environment. Hydro excavation enables faster, more precise excavations than traditional methods. This requires less backfill, less labor, and less restoration.

Canada first made hydro excavation popular. Contractors there in the oil and gas industries often had to deal with cold weather and the ground being frozen. This makes it harder to dig up using older methods. They also started using heated water in the process. This made them realize they could get the job done more efficiently.

Over the years, hydro excavation has lessened the risks connected with disturbing subsurface utilities, sewers, and pipes in construction sites. With these facts in mind, there are huge financial benefits as well. Hydro excavation lessens insurance and liability costs. At the same time, it provides a better service to the customer.

You must ask yourself at this point if hydro excavation is the preferred means to excavate. The only question, then, is who do you hire to do the job? Is there a local company in Idaho that can do the job right the first time, safely and affordably? Yes! Is there a contractor that has enough experience and the correct tools to handle the work with proper care and finish on schedule? Yes!

Express Excavation Service has provided great service to our customers here in the Treasure Valley since 2006. We specialize in four major areas: plumbing, pumping, drain cleaning and excavating. Our experience and flexibility make us an ideal fit to do most jobs. Very few companies can afford to even be in this industry. Hydro excavation, in particular, is due to cost-related obstacles in buying the correct equipment. That’s not a problem for us. We have the right tools and trained labor. This is combined with great management and 24/7 flexibility. Our friendly staff is available 365 days a year to help you.

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