As we push further into winter. We’re all trying to stay warm. Big coats, fuzzy scarves, and woolen mittens are all out in abundance. Did you know there’s a way to heat your very floors? If you have concrete floors. You can actually get the heat flowing right through them. “radiant floor heating”. And I bet you didn’t know you needed it until now!

If you have concrete floors. Radiant floor heating just makes sense. First of all, it’s proven that if your feet are warm, the rest of you stays warmer as well. Also, this type of heating will actually save energy. So, it’s good for your checkbook as well! Who doesn’t want to save a little money nowadays? So most importantly, heated floors are good for your health and the environment.

The concept behind these floors is really quite simple. Tubes are installed in the concrete slab when it is poured. These either circulate hot water or have electric heating elements. This turns the thermal mass of concrete into a huge heat radiator. If you already have an existing concrete floor, that’s okay! Newer, ultra-thin electric heating mats can be embedded in thin-set cement overlays. This allows retrofitting over your existing floor without raising the height significantly. So it’s not some cumbersome new fixture that you will have to get used to. You’ll barely notice it’s there (aside from the toasty warmness radiating up)!

Just think of the benefits! Your feet will always be toasty warm. You will have consistent temperature throughout the house. There will be no drafts or noisy furnaces, and no dust or allergens will be circulated. Best of all, your utility cost may actually do down. Concrete floor radiant heating generally consumes less energy than forced-air heating. If anything, it’s worth looking into!

Brad Jordan

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